Success Story

Financial Services Brand Grows Lead Quality & Incremental Sales with CJ

Nov 2, 2018

A well-known financial services brand leveraged CJ Affiliate’s VIP Influencer Campaigns to connect with targeted influencers to grow lead quality and generate incremental sales.


At a Glance

  • 50% higher than average lead quality
  • 92% of sales first-click attributed to VIP Influencer Campaign


The Story

  • A financial services brand was looking to launch a new product at the beginning of their peak season.
  • This brand looked to CJ Affiliate to leverage their VIP Influencer Campaigns to connect them with 14 targeted influencers to further promote their brand and new product.
  • When analyzing the campaign, this brand compared first click attribution results from internal reports to last click sales tracked through CJ to determine lead quality.


The Results

  • The brand’s analysis at the end of the peak season revealed that 92% of sales were first-click attributed to the campaign ran by CJ and it’s targeted influencers.
  • With a program average of 42% of sales being first-click attributed to affiliate, the VIP Influencer Campaign drove 50% higher lead quality than program average.
  • This campaign exceeded the brand’s expectations and solidified that content and influencers initiated engagement with the brand and ultimately drove high-quality sales throughout the brand’s peak season.

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