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goop Solved for TV Measurement & Saw 170% Increase in New Customer ROAS with CJ


Lifestyle brand, goop, used CJ’s Clickless Tracking solution to measure sales from a national TV segment, resulting in an impressive number of new customers, new benchmarks for their television marketing efforts, and a way to measure non-traditional digital campaigns moving forward.








of the TV campaign code redemptions were from new customers  

increase in the percentage of New Customer Revenue vs program overall (same month)

  increase in New Customer ROAS vs other program media placements



goop is a lifestyle and wellness brand founded in 2008 by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. What began as a “homespun weekly newsletter” has evolved into a shopping destination for clean beauty, tightly-curated fashion, wellness, and home décor essentials. In addition to featuring items from goop-approved brands, they also sell a wide range of products from their in-house lines: goop Beauty, G. Label, and goop Wellness.

A CJ client since 2021, goop works closely with their CJ management team to run their affiliate program. The brand finds tremendous value in leveraging affiliate to deliver and measure partnerships—no matter the channel—to drive top-of-funnel influence and find new customers.

Because of this cross-channel focus, CJ includes the goop PR team in their weekly status calls, and together the teams have created a collaborative ecosystem that complements and elevates what each channel is doing.



It was on one of these collaborative weekly calls that the goop PR team shared the exciting news with CJ: they were set to be featured in a Q4 shopping segment on a popular morning talk show on national television! With a viewership of 3M+, this level of exposure was a huge win.

The problem? They had no idea how they were going to measure it.

While television is a highly desirable option for brands due to its reach and impact, accurately attributing sales to TV remains a major challenge. Unlike digital advertising, where clicks, impressions, and conversions can be easily tracked, traditional TV measurement methods like Nielsen ratings and surveys can only provide a loose idea of an ad's reach, failing to link it to actual sales. goop knew they wanted to be able to attribute sales to this feature, but the absence of accurate data would make it difficult for them to measure the campaign's success, hindering future marketing investments.



Luckily, goop’s PR team came to the right place. In addition to having an established affiliate relationship with the TV show’s web properties, the CJ platform has a powerful tool that can solve this exact challenge: Clickless Tracking.

Through the creation of a unique promotional code, CJ’s Clickless Tracking solution enables brands to keep affiliate tracking intact in places where consumers are less likely or unable to click such as podcasts, radio, YouTube, Instagram, print ads, and of course…TV.

goop used CJ’s Clickless Tracking solution to generate a unique promotional code and shared it with the TV show ahead of the segment air date. On the big day, the goop Beauty Ultimate Dry Brush was broadcast to millions of viewers across the US—along with a discount code that could be redeemed online for any beauty, wellness, or fashion product on This meant that in addition to the excitement of watching their product live on television, goop was also able to watch as code redemptions from the segment flowed into the CJ Insights platform in real time.

Once the campaign was over, goop knew exactly how much revenue their TV feature drove. They had a clear understanding of average order value (AOV), return on ad spend (ROAS), and new customers, making it possible to quantify the success of their television marketing efforts.



Clickless Tracking code redemptions from the TV segment were in the hundreds of thousands, with over 90% from new customers. goop saw a 58% increase in the percentage of new customer revenue vs program overall (same month) and a +170% increase in new customer ROAS vs other program media.

goop was thrilled with the results of the TV segment, but they were even more happy to have found a seamless way to track, measure, and issue payment for television media and any other non-traditional digital campaigns moving forward. The CJ platform and CJ’s Clickless Tracking solution—plus the collaborative nature of these cross-channel teams—were critical components in establishing goop’s new benchmarks and their ability to understand the success of their television marketing efforts.


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