Let’s Grow Together

We’re not just the most proven platform. We’re also the most collaborative. Find out why agencies consider us their secret sauce for catalyzing every point of the customer journey.
Let's work together

Let’s Grow Together

We’re not just the most proven platform. We’re also the most collaborative. Find out why agencies consider us their secret sauce for catalyzing every point of the customer journey.
Let's work together

Our Mission Statement

We strive to drive client growth, advocacy, and retention by enabling agencies to fully utilize CJ: our network, data, insights, technology, best-in-class service, and affiliate education.

We Share a Common Goal

To drive growth for your client. When the advertiser succeeds, it’s a win-win-win for all parties.

No Size Threshold

Agencies and agency-managed programs of any size receive CJ agency support.

We Respect Our Business Boundaries

Your success is our number one priority.

We're an Extension of Your Team

We’re here to support you and ensure your success.

We’ll Meet You Wherever You Are

CJ has dedicated teams to provide support and educational resources. Whether you need full program management support or want to run self-service, we have the tech, platform, and team to help you, help the client.

Platform & Solution Expertise

Agency expertise on CJ offerings, CJ solutions, and affiliate channel mastery for full platform enablement.

Channel Growth Partner

We’re a dedicated channel growth coach for agencies and we’re proactively identifying growth opportunities for agency partners.

Creating the Right Connections

We're your front door into CJ. We help you make meaningful connections with CJ departments to make your programs thrive: Network Quality, Publisher Development, Product, and more!

Dedicated Support & Troubleshooting

Designated Client Development teams to expedite the resolution of issues and reduce the impact on advertiser performance.

CJ is the #1 Affiliate Solution for Agencies of Any Size Across the Globe

When agencies run their programs on CJ, we deliver:​

Increased Advertiser Same Store Growth

With CJ, agencies have access to more data, insights, and solutions that help them deliver more incremental advertiser growth over any other solution. Agencies also see increased channel investment from advertisers run through CJ.

Higher Advertiser Retention

Agencies see higher advertiser program growth and ROAS attainment over any other solution, and advertisers powered by CJ have a higher propensity to renew with the respective agency.

Positive Impact on Profitability

With CJ’s products, solutions, reports, resources, and channel expertise, we make agency teams’ lives easier. There are fewer resource investments needed from the agency for CJ advertisers, thus CJ advertisers drive more favorable profitability for agencies.

Limitless Opportunities

We believe in collaborative growth with agencies and advertisers. No matter the program size, CJ programs won’t add cost or penalties for integrating higher initiative tools. As tech changes and programs grow, rest easy that our pricing won’t.

Why CJ?

Featured Solutions and Data Insights

Tech_Illustrations_Export_Affiliate Customer Journey_Optimize
Customer Journey
Evaluate who's introducing consumers to your client’s brand to help enhance and develop optimization and commissioning strategies. From discovery, through evaluation, to decision-this dashboard will help you understand which publishers enter the purchase journey early, which are trusted contributors to product research, and which help close the deal in the decision stage. View revenue, AOV, as well as total transactions per journey type and by publisher, enabling you to measure successful paths by several key metrics beyond conversions.
Tech_Illustrations_Export_Situational Commissioning_engage
Situational Commissioning
Create commissioning scenarios that reward publishers based on a wide range of high-value order attribute combinations, such as customer status, promotion type, and customer location. ​Customize commission structures on a partner and promotional property basis to reward and measure the effectiveness of your strategies.​
Competitive Benchmarking Suite
Context matters! Are your particular campaigns gaining you share-of-voice or share-of-wallet? Verticalized benchmarking across retail, travel, finance, and network service sectors allow you to leverage these insights to understand where you fall within the competitive landscape. Competitive Publisher Indexing lets you monitor the relative effectiveness of your publisher relationships, compared to similar advertisers.
Tech_Illustrations_Export_E-commerce plugin_OnBoard
Shopify & Magento eCommerce Plug-ins
Important integration components come standard and can be enabled in minutes. Get up and running quickly with our free, turnkey proprietary ecommerce plugins. Advanced Item-level tracking enables the measurement of the performance of individual products. Easily monitor coupon code usage, new and returning user activity, and customer country location within our Insights reporting suite.
Tech_Illustrations_Export_Program Performance_Optimize
Robust Seasonal Network Trends
With an immense amount of data at our fingertips, and tools and tech changing rapidly, we like to share the knowledge and learnings across the network. On CJ's Junction, we publish seasonal trends, reports, insights, and industry news to keep you updated on the latest marketing trends. The Agency Solutions team helps to ensure network-level findings are readily available and relevant when you need them.
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DigitasLBi has worked with CJ for over 5 years on a number of top clients. The team is incredibly knowledgeable, proactive, and organized; they know their accounts inside out and it shows in their quality of work. Everyone at DigitasLBi loves working with CJ! Craig Thomson, Affiliate Marketing Manager, DigitasLBi
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We’ve worked with CJ for over 10 years. With almost 60 programs on their platform and 13+ of our team members with CJ Network Certification, we can attest to having a solid partnership! We appreciate how responsive the CJ team is in helping us achieve great results for our clients. Paresh Vadavia, Co-Founder & CEO, OPM Pros
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Gen3 has proudly partnered with CJ’s Agency team for more than a decade. In that time, our CJ team has enabled us to capitalize effectively and efficiently on the network’s marketing, technology, and legal infrastructure so that we can focus on what we do best—profitably grow our clients’ programs. Andy Cantos, Principal, Gen3 Marketing
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We’ve built an amazing partnership with CJ and their support and commitment to helping us grow have been unwavering. The industry continues to thrive and has become a vital part of our clients’ overall marketing strategy. Campaigns are consistently driving new customers to clients’ businesses and making a significant impact. Christie Frazer, Senior Director, Comparison Shopping & Affiliate Marketing, PMX Agency
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Because of their global network and deep publisher relationships, CJ has always been our top choice for launching new affiliate programs for major brands. CJ's platform technology is best-in-class, and their expertise, industry perspective, and human relationships with affiliate publishers enable us to achieve global reach and high growth. David Pricco, Director of Program Management, PerspectivePMA Agency

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