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Norton’s APAC Expansion with CJ Results in Major Growth

Norton, global leader in cyber safety and security, worked with CJ to expand into the APAC region and experienced growth in sales, new customers, and overall revenue.




Results at a Glance

(Jan – July 2020 YOY)

  • 35% YOY increase in revenue growth in APAC
  • 116% YOY increase in sales in APAC
  • 311% YOY increase in new customer acquisition in APAC



  • While Norton already had an affiliate program in APAC, they were looking for further reach in that market.
  • Norton had been a client with CJ since October 2007 and launched management of APAC with CJ in June 2018.



  • CJ’s account team and the Global Publisher Development team worked together to quickly and seamlessly launch Norton in the APAC market.
  • Norton worked with the CJ teams to recruit and partner with larger content sites in the APAC region.
  • Granular publisher data provided by the CJ team, helped Norton to create custom payouts for different publisher categories in each market. This improved collaboration with publishers and improved program performance.
  • Norton implemented CJ’s Situational Commissioning solution to be able to meet different price points in different countries. This allowed the CJ team to optimize for profitability by region.
  • Newly onboarded publishers in the APAC market are keen to work with Norton because of their flexible and agile ability to quickly expand globally.
  • The CJ team ensured visibility and promotion of Norton’s seasonal offers with key publishers, which resulted in a surge in sales during the promotional period.
  • The CJ team facilitated the procurement of placement spots with key publishers, which resulted in a huge spike in sales during the given period.
  • Norton is keen to expand their reach in APAC and protect even more customers in this region as a strategic priority. Norton believes there are further opportunities to unlock growth in more countries and are actively working with CJ on the expansion and optimization of their affiliate program in the region.
Situational Commissioning

Situational Commissioning is a powerful, rule-based commissioning solution that allows advertisers to build and reward on high-value commissioning scenarios based on order attributes unique to their business.

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