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Lifestyle Blogger Sees Revenue Growth through Audience Expansion

Dec 15, 2016

Lifestyle blogger Jo-Lynne Shane gained new Advertisers, increased Publisher commissions, and boosted ad sales revenue after a CJ Content-Certified designation. A YOY comparison of results from October - March proves CJ's Content Solution successful.

Results at a Glance:
Content Certified Results

Audience Refresh for Lifestyle Blog
Jo-Lynne Shane started her affiliate program in 2010. As the years passed, Jo-Lynne needed to come up with new ways to build advertiser partnerships and grow her affiliate program, but she wasn't quite sure how.

Goal: Increase Advertisers, Grow Revenue
As a publisher in the network for over five years, Jo-Lynne Shane looked to increase the advertisers within her affiliate program in order to grow advertiser sales, commission rates, and ultimately overall revenue.

Solution: Content Solution & Content Certified Program
Jo-Lynne Shane leveraged a suite of tools within CJ's Content Solution, received tailored support from CJ's Content Team, and her blog received a "Content Certified" designation—connecting her with more advertisers at more competitive rates. As a Content Certified publisher, Jo-Lynne participated in additional sponsored posts, establishing long-term relationships with brands and ultimately earning more revenue from the affiliate channel.


Results: Stunning

After taking advantage of CJ's Content Solution and becoming Content Certified, publisher Jo-Lynne Shane amassed new Advertiser relationships, enjoyed an increase in Publisher commissions, and growth in revenue via Advertiser sales.

  • 61 new Advertiser relationships via CJ's Content Certified Program
  • 6 sponsored post campaigns since being certified
  • 191% increase in Publisher commissions, including sponsored post revenue
  • 156% increase in Advertiser sales


"I've been working with CJ Affiliate for several years, but it wasn't until I became a part of the Content Certified program that my revenue really started to grow...CJ Affiliate is now one of the top revenue generators for my website." Jo-Lynne Shane , Owner
Content Certified Program

The Content Certified program jumpstarts relationships between pre-qualified content publishers and category-specific advertisers looking to expand their brands within quality environments.

Content Solution

CJ Affiliate's Content Solution is a suite of tools and services designed for publishers who want to monetize content on their sites and advertisers who want to promote their products via content publishers. The suite of tools include the Content Certified Program, VIP Content Service, Deep Link Automation, and more.

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