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Consumer Electronics Brand Sees Big Growth from Recruitment & Activation

A new-to-affiliate consumer electronics advertiser leverages CJ to recruit and activate publishers to grow revenue internationally, demonstrating the importance of publisher recruitment for a diverse portfolio.


Results at a Glance

(All following statistics are YOY for Q3 and Q4, unless otherwise noted)

  • Revenue increased 265%
  • Site traffic increased 147%
  • Conversion rates increased 44%
  • Site traffic and revenue for target APAC markets increased:
    • Japan 400%+
    • Korea 300%+
    • China 500%+
  • International markets now account for 30% of all program revenue.
  • The brand increased full 2019 revenue forecasts by 150%, exceeding their adjusted goal.



With a focus on recruitment, activation, and diversification of their publisher base, the advertiser looked to CJ’s managed services to move merchandise and grow top-line revenue.



  • CJ’s recruitment solutions and network expertise helped the team identify, recruit, and activate a diverse mix of publishers to reach key customer demographics in international markets.
  • The CJ account team and Global Publisher Development team leveraged data science insights and their strong international publisher relationships to activate and quickly optimize new partnerships.
  • The CJ account team also employed elasticity testing, tested regional offers in new international markets, and developed an automated placement tracker to identify ideal opportunities by region, publisher vertical, rate, and time period.
  • Situational Commissioning allowed the brand to offer flexible, premium, exclusive rates on specific products at certain times to support successful launches and move inventory.


Recruitment & Activation Highlights

  • 93% of publishers recruited in 2018 were revenue-active within 12 months. And publishers newly recruited in 2019 drove 22% of program revenue for the year.
  • The program’s revenue-active publisher base grew by 61% from Q3 to Q4, and by another 31% for the same period in 2019.
  • Publishers recruited and activated in 2018 went on to drive 78% of the program’s revenue in 2019.
  • 77% of publishers recruited and activated in 2018 remained revenue-active through Q4 2019.
  • In 2019, the program increased distribution among content small/micro-influencers by 60%, mid-tier publishers grew by 30%, while top-tier revenue concentration risk decreased by 20%.
Situational Commissioning

Situational Commissioning is a powerful, rule-based commissioning solution that allows advertisers to build and reward on high-value commissioning scenarios based on order attributes unique to their business.

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