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Complete Mobile Tracking through Button PostTap App Partnership Yields Fantastic Results

When we announced our strategic partnership with Button, we knew that improving the customer shopping experience and enhancing tracking capabilities in mobile environments would lead to improvements in metrics like conversion rate and average order value—but we didn’t know by how much. Now we do!

To celebrate one year of partnership, we analyzed the data from advertisers using Button’s PostTap App solution, which provides landing page and on‑site optimizations that drive hundreds of millions in incremental revenue each year for the world’s smartest enterprise marketers. The results speak for themselves.


Results at a Glance

Button PostTap App vs. Control Group

  • +38% increase in conversion rate
  • +42% increase in average revenue per click
  • +10% increase in average order value

App Experience vs. Standard Mobile Web

  • +218% increase in conversion rate
  • +251% increase in average revenue per click
  • +14% increase in average order value



Button and CJ methodically test for uplift with each partner, launching with control groups that maintain the existing user experience. The treatment group experiences PostTap App’s enhanced user flow. This affords us transparency and confidence in the value that this product delivers to our joint brands. It also benchmarks ongoing metrics as seasons, products, and mobile experiences change.

PostTap App, Button’s machine learning solution that optimizes links from paid traffic to drive better outcomes for marketers, continues to generate value for the world’s largest brands, increases the LTV of the customers they acquire and maximizes return on every dollar spent across paid marketing channels. Coupled with CJ’s robust suite of products and expansive publisher network, this partnership unlocks the very best tools for revenue growth and acquisition that the industry has to offer.


Strategy for a Thriving Mobile Experience

Button's PostTap App supercharges all channels of digital marketing including social, display, and retargeting, and of course, affiliate, transforming every paid link that’s tapped into an LTV capitalized investment as opposed to just a transactional moment.

In affiliate, on average, Button drives a 42% lift in revenue per click; for social, it’s a 48% lift; and on retargeting, Button averages a 21% lift. For affiliate marketers, the PostTap App solution uses machine learning to optimize every shopping journey while also providing the most trusted deep linking and app affiliation technology to enable marketers to have the highest performing links, full visibility into where traffic is originating and enables the affiliate channel to become an important ingredient in marketers’ mobile growth and app acquisition strategy.

"In the age of walled gardens, it’s incumbent on every marketer to forge a strategy that allows them to not just survive in this new era, but to thrive,” said Button CEO, Michael Jaconi. “Our PostTap product was designed to give marketers that power, and it’s delivering. Button’s partnership with CJ provides thousands of marketers an opportunity to drive more profit and more LTV from a channel that is already working in affiliate—and there are few opportunities that can deliver the ROI that Button’s PostTap product can guarantee on top of channels like affiliate, social, or retargeting that are already flowing.”

The shift to spending on mobile is continuing unabated, and the pandemic has accelerated this change. As marketers seek to build strategies that allow them to survive in the era of walled gardens, it’s incumbent upon them to build a strategy that enables direct connections with their consumers. In effect, marketers need to build their own walled gardens, and that is the opportunity Button delivers with PostTap. Build more profitable and higher LTV relationships with your customers through app adoption and SMS and start building your wall!


Publisher Testimonial

"Global Savings Group understands that there is a lot of unrecognized opportunity with in-app sales and is intently focused on working closely with networks and brands to ensure a tracking solution like Button is in place, and that sales are properly identified. In the US, we saw over 400% sales revenue growth year-over-year in our CJ brands from in-app sales alone. We plan to continue our focus on the importance of in-app tracking in 2022. We hope to see more brands adopt the strategy, as there are many invaluable opportunities to engage with loyal app shoppers utilizing tailored promotions."

- Global Savings Group

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