Direct Access to More Brands

Our network gives you direct access to a wide variety of 4,000+ top global brands, which means the ability to negotiate for higher commission rates, and opportunities for sponsored campaigns.

Earn Long-Term, Residual Income

Complement and diversify your existing advertising efforts when you include affiliate links in your content—in blog posts, social, email, video, and more. Maximize the longevity of sponsored content revenue through affiliate commissions.

Helpful Tools for Affiliate Success

Deep Link Generator

Quickly create links in a way that fits into your workflow

Product Widgets

Create product slideshows, collages, and grids

Placements Marketplace

Easily share your sponsored opportunities and rate card with brands

Cross-Device Tracking

Unlock insight into multi-device customer journeys and be rewarded for cross-device sales

Performance Reporting

Understand top performing channels, brands, products, offers, and more

Exclusive Benefits for Qualified Influencers


Pre-approval for higher commission rates from relevant premium and boutique brands


Receive educational newsletters with strategies, best practices, and partnership opportunities


Top consideration for brands looking for sponsorship opportunities


Dedicated team of experts that guide you through the ins and outs of affiliate


2019 Influencer Marketing Award for Best Relationship Management Tool

We offer an easy to use, supportive solution with dedicated experts that help set you up for long term success.

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