Case Study

Retailer Grows Revenue as Direct Result of CJ Affiliate's Network Quality

Feb 27, 2020

A well-known, global retailer grew their affiliate program by removing non-compliant publishers and investing savings in quality partners.


Results at a Glance: 

  • 100% revenue retained through migration 
  • 51% increase in conversion rate 
  • 24% growth in revenue (after 6 months)



  • A large, international retailer migrated to CJ Affiliate from another network. 
  • Affiliate represented a third of their ecommerce revenue, generating over $30M annually.
  • At migration, the retailer had 285 revenue active publishers. 
  • 28 publishers, including one in their top 20, were removed from the CJ network for network quality violations. 



  • There was zero loss of revenue through the migration to CJ, as sales shifted seamlessly from deactivated publishers to compliant partners. 
  • Improved traffic quality resulted in a 51% increase in program conversion rate.
  • Within six months, the retailer grew revenue 24% by reinvesting the savings from non-compliant publishers to newly recruited, quality publishers. 

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