Case Studies

Olympia Sports Uses CJ to Super-Charge Ecommerce Growth

New to the ecommerce space, Olympia Sports leveraged the power of affiliate marketing and saw tremendous growth with CJ.



Results at a Glance

(YOY performance, Jan – May 2020 compared to same period in 2019)

  • 229% increase in revenue
  • 503% increase in sales
  • 657% increase in traffic



  • Having recently launched an ecommerce site in 2018, Olympia Sports launched in the CJ network in 2019 to help grow their online business.
  • Olympia Sports saw steady growth in early 2019, but after being acquired later in the year they increased investment in the affiliate channel to spur further growth.
  • Olympia Sports was interested in CJ’s ability to connect them with high-performing publishers that could grow their new customer base and expand brand reach.



  • With additional investment, the CJ account team increased the frequency of promotional offers to be able to test with various publishers.
  • After upping their promotional cadence and strengthening their offers, Olympia Sports caught the eye of a few high-performing deal sites (Brad’s Deals and Slickdeals).
  • The CJ account team worked with the Publisher Development team to secure optimal rates for placements, resulting in additional investment media by Olympia Sports.
  • Olympia Sports began to see strong performance across both deal sites as well as other publishers who previously saw no sales.
  • Olympia Sports continues to see strong traffic, sales, and revenue growth from the affiliate channel—even through the current challenging economic times—and plans to reinvest in the channel to help them further this growth.


"When Jack Rabbit acquired Olympia Sports, the affiliate marketing channel was immediately identified as an area of significant opportunity. Onboarding with the CJ account management team has led to a close working partnership and team approach to the strategic management of the channel. Together we have worked on identifying opportunities with publisher partners with calculated ROI projections and internal data on inventory and pricing. Having the CJ team as part of our affiliate ‘village’ means we can focus on growth strategies; they handle much of the logistics and data analysis behind the scenes. It’s a partnership we see growing further as we continue to develop the affiliate channel at Olympia Sports."

- Melanie Mitchell, Affiliate Marketing Director, JackRabbit