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Abt Uses CJ to Compete Nationally with Big Box Brands

Drawn to the data-driven, strategic expertise of CJ, Abt migrated a mature affiliate program to the CJ network and saw double-digit revenue growth.



Results at a Glance

  • 25% revenue increase at migration
  • 70% revenue increase YOY (March - April 2020)
  • Maintain revenue targets, even with top publishers closing programs
  • Consistently surpassed ROAS goals with affiliate investments



  • Abt started as a family-owned business in 1936 when Jewel Abt gave her husband David $800 to start a business, and today remains family-owned, led by the third generation of the Abt family. 
  • With humble beginnings as a small radio store with only three employees in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, Abt has since grown into the largest independent, single-location appliance and electronics retailer in the country.
  • As a company who is hyper-focused on providing the absolute best customer experience, Abt looked to the affiliate channel to help connect them with publishers who are able to help them get in front of customers throughout their shopping journey.
  • Abt also wanted to grow their ecommerce business and was interested in CJ's ability to help them improve ROAS and efficiently grow revenue.
  • After working with another network for a couple of years, Abt was drawn to CJ’s massive publisher reach, and their ability to combine this with data assets, innovative solutions, and strategic services to enable growth.



  • Within months of migrating to CJ, Abt saw double-digit uptick in growth, increasing revenue by 27% YOY.
  • The CJ team was able to recruit relevant publishers to the program while ensuring operation within Nexus guidelines at the time.
  • The CJ team employed several creative strategies and solutions to continue to drive growth for Abt:
    • Ongoing recruitment and activation campaigns to drive revenue from new publishers recruited outside of those they migrated over with
    • Partnerships with content commerce sites like Wirecutter and CNN to build brand awareness
    • Custom data science reporting and competitive benchmarking to help Abt evaluate their share of the market on different publisher sites and thus define opportunities
    • Affiliate Customer Journey reporting to show Abt their total revenue influenced by affiliate partner
    • Category level commissioning to optimize and help publishers promote products and categories that are most profitable 
    • Elasticity testing to uncover what optimal commission rates are for their loyalty partners as a means to ensure efficient spend by identifying the rate of diminishing return for each publisher partner. 
  • As an already mature program, Abt continues to see growth years after their initial migration to CJ, and continues to reinvest in the channel.


For publishers that would like more information about the Abt program, please reach out to

Situational Commissioning

Situational Commissioning is a powerful, rule-based commissioning solution that allows advertisers to build and reward on high-value commissioning scenarios based on order attributes unique to their business.

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