Our Content Certification program is designed to make it quick and easy for content-focused publishers like you to connect automatically with over 600 top brands. Our dedicated team helps you get up and running with affiliate marketing so that you can focus on content creation.

Content Certification Benefits

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Education with guidance from CJ Content experts & a peer community


Access to new brands while maintaining editorial control over your content

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Pre-approval for premium rates so you get connect with more partners with ease

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Intuitive platform and tools to help you efficiently monetize your content

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Easy reporting for visibility into promotional activity

Content Certification Requirements

Your content should focus on one or more of these areas:
And your site meets these criteria:
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Authentic, high quality content

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Site privacy policy

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Non-gated content

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No software, coupon/deal, incentive models

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10K+ pageviews a month and/or substantial following on specified social networks


Sites with primary traffic coming from outside the US & Canada must be in English

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Sites with primary traffic coming from US & Canada may be in any language, including Spanish, French, and Chinese

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Sites cannot use paid search services as their primary traffic source

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A blog or social media channel must be the primary distribution model for the publisher

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