Deeper Analysis

Powerful and proprietary reporting that offers visibility and value that is unique in the affiliate space.

Strategic Recommendations

Not just reporting. Insights. Get the visibility needed to drive affiliate strategies like never before.

No Effort Required

Say goodbye to the time and effort required to compile and analyze data from multiple sources.

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Deeper Analysis

Know What’s Happening and Finally Answer the Why

We’ve taken the guesswork out of understanding why your affiliate program is working, and given you the insights to drive greater growth. You receive detailed analysis of new customer acquisition, loyalty customers, online versus offline, and channel benchmarking—all in one easy-to-read report.


Case Study

A Smarter Approach to Publisher Investment

An outerwear retail company increased YOY sales during the Thanksgiving sales week by using Affiliate Customer Insights to reassess publisher value. Ranking each publisher by potential to drive revenue, deliver new customers, and influence offline sales, they invested the right spend at the right time.

Custom Strategies

Zero Effort

Powerful Insights. No Effort Required.

Manage up and across the organization with detailed insights and actionable recommendations. Our team of experts will analyze the data and provide you with your own comprehensive report, presented to you at the cadence that works for your business.

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