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Finance Content Publishers Forge New Relationships, Increase Revenue

31 Jan, 2019

Finance content publishers Debt Roundup and Frugal Rules established new, relevant relationships leading to a year-over-year increase in revenue after using CJ's Content Solution to break through the noise in affiliate.

Scenario: Financial Fizzle

Debt Roundup and Frugal Rules were publishers in the network for several years, but didn't have the resources nor the expertise needed to establish the relevant, finance and business specific relationships they sought. Both publishers were looking for a more impactful way to engage.

Goal: Increase Relevant Relationships and Revenue

Debt Roundup and Frugal Rules looked to improve their methods of monetizing content and ultimately increase revenue. In order to do this, these publishers needed to create relevant relationships with business and finance advertisers at rates that were competitive with other channels.

New Relationship Stats
Solution: CJ's Content Solution & Content Certified Program

Frugal Rules was the first to adopt CJ's Content Solution, and when Debt Roundup shared with them their frustrations with other affiliate programs, Frugal Rules introduced them to the Content Solution as well.

With CJ's Content Solution suite of tools, both sites became Content Certified. This designation added clout to their brands and jumpstarted relationships with category-specific advertisers who were looking to expand within quality environments. In addition, CJ's Publisher team of experts worked with Debt Roundup and Frugal Rules on a day-to-day basis on the best ways to create relevant relationships. As a result of that strategic management they increased the number and depth of their advertiser partners. Debt Roundup was one of the first finance/business publishers to add CJ's Deep Link Automation script, another feature in the Content Solution toolbox. This resulted in two additional high-value advertiser relationships.

"The big name advertisers kept rejecting me until I started working with CJ Affiliate. The most noticeable difference since being Content Certified is that bigger and better companies are reaching out to me. It gives me more credibility as an affiliate."

Grayson Bell Owner, Debt Roundup
Results: Smashing Success

By working with CJ and leveraging the Content Solution suite of tools, both Debt Roundup and Frugal Rules established new, more targeted relationships with business and finance advertisers, and largely increased overall revenue, YOY. The program has proved so successful in fact, the owner of Frugal Rules has more than replaced the income of his former job, and the owner of Debt Roundup quit his day job to work on his site full-time. Needless to say, these results far exceeded both publishers' expectations:

  • 174 new and rekindled advertiser relationships
  • 671% increase in publisher commissions
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