Case Studies

Autodesk Leverages CJ Affiliate for Successful APAC Expansion

13 Nov, 2019

CJ Affiliate helps drive successful expansion into the Asia Pacific region for world leader in design software.


Results at a Glance:
  • The Autodesk Asia Pacific affiliate programme experienced 77.3% YOY revenue growth. 

  • 9.7% of annual Autodesk affiliate programme revenue in CJ Affiliate came from Asia Pacific programme.

  • There was a shift in the 3D CAD industry from perpetual license pricing to subscription models.

  • Autodesk moved to a purely subscription-based model in 2016 and began to see accelerated subscriber adoption in the Asia Pacific region.

  • To capitalise on this explosive growth, Autodesk increased investment in the affiliate channel by launching an Asia Pacific programme with CJ Affiliate in September 2017.

  • CJ’s International Development team helped Autodesk to efficiently launch strategic partnerships with Japanese affiliates.

  • Autodesk used CJ’s Situational Commissioning solution to optimise with publishers that were key programme performers, including situations where a key publisher was located in a local affiliate network.

  • With multi-lingual programme managers from Autodesk stationed in regions, Autodesk was able to improve communication with local publishers and onboard them into the CJ network.

  • Autodesk also leveraged CJ’s partnership with Payoneer to pay publishers in local currencies in the Asia Pacific region that weren’t previously supported. The new currencies provided peace of mind to pubilshers, who may have been hesitant to participate with a non-local currency.

  • After just one year, the Asia Pacific programme has grown larger than their already mature UK programme, and now rivals their entire Europe programme.

  • The success of the initial launch in Japan and Korea has created a confidence in CJ Affiliate that encouraged Autodesk to further expand their global programmes to Malaysia, Singapore, India, and China.

“CJ’s strategy to expand to global markets via international network partnerships has allowed Autodesk to quickly and effortlessly build relationships with key local affiliates. Now we can easily launch a new programme and enter new markets in half the time and half the cost. Thanks to CJ’s global partnerships, we’ve seen phenomenal growth in our affiliate channel.” – Bernard Haug, Sr. Global Affiliate Programs Manager, Autodesk