Proven Growth at Scale

Our time-tested and transparent technology enables you to drive more conversions and reward world-class publishers for successfully promoting your brand.
Our time-tested and transparent technology enables you to drive more conversions and reward world-class publishers for successfully promoting your brand.
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Proven Growth at Scale

Our time-tested and transparent technology enables you to drive more conversions and reward world-class publishers for successfully promoting your brand.
Affiliate vs other channels
More revenue per shopper
Migrate and grow
More revenue in the first year
See bigger results
CJ outperforms the 12:1 ROAS channel average

One All-Inclusive, Seamless Global Affiliate Experience. One Great Platform.

Growth happens when you reach the right customers at the right time. Join our global platform, powered by meaningful data, cutting-edge tech, and industry expertise - all designed to set you up for success and help you grow, no matter where you are in your affiliate growth journey.

Achieve Sustained Growth

Advertisers who migrate to CJ from other affiliate providers see higher, sustained growth from publisher recruitment efforts made easy with our integrated in-platform recruitment tools, solutions, and expertise.

For advertisers who migrated an affiliate marketing program to CJ, program performance over a 5 year period was compared between the following:

  • Publishers who were active in the advertiser's affiliate marketing program prior to migration.
  • Growth from all network publishers recruited into the advertiser's program AFTER the first year.

Trusted by the World’s Largest Brands

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our client case studies to see why 2X as many IR500 brands choose to work with us compared to our nearest competitor.

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Realise Global Growth

Realise Global Growth

Leverage our global platform and deep market expertise to help you identify international opportunities with the most influential publishers and reach cross-border and local consumers in over 240 countries and territories.
  • More than 1B consumers reached worldwide - and growing each day.
  • Global vision, local expertise. Regional strategies tailored to your business.
  • A localised platform offering over 150 payment currencies available to publishers.

Leverage Best-in-Class Tech

An intuitive platform designed to let you focus on what matters most - from finding the right partners to ensuring that your investment is meeting your goals. 

Comprehensive Omni-Channel Integrations
Our robust, future-proof, verticalised integration suite ensures comprehensive program performance at every step of the customer journey - from discovery through conversion. From online to offline, across devices (including mobile and in-app), phone calls, and in-store, we’ve got you covered. Have confidence that your tracking is protected from browser restrictions and is compliant with privacy regulations. Get up and running quickly with our turnkey Shopify and Magento ecommerce plugins.
Partnership Discovery
Find and activate new partnerships that align with your brand by promotional model, global footprint, audience uniqueness, social reach & engagement, category performance, keyword, cross-channel, cross-platform, and more. Discover network-curated partnerships with the click of a button for content, rising stars, new-to-network, and top performers.
Smart, Flexible Compensation
CJ’s dynamic commissioning solution, Situational Commissioning, allows you to create commissioning scenarios that reward publishers based on a wide range of high-value order attribute combinations, such as customer status, promotion type, and customer location. Customise commission structures on a partner and promotional property basis to reward and measure the effectiveness of your strategies. Access and manage your placements and media campaigns in our Placements Marketplace to increase your brand’s share of voice.
Insights & Analytics On-Demand
Gain insights on demand and tap into the power of our data science team with CJ’s intuitively designed and customisable period-over-period program analysis. Understand how your new, lapsed, and returning consumers interact with your partners, view the customer journey touchpoints that drive high-value outcomes, understand affiliate incrementality, and analyse how you stack up against your competitors through our benchmarking suite. Analyse performance and transaction data in platform or via our comprehensive APIs - by the metrics that matter - device and browser type, product category, audience location, voucher/coupon/promo code, and Situational Commissioning scenarios.
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The thing that I love about CJ is not just the scale - we’ve gotten a lot of new customer acquisition from the channel - but the high quality of those customers. We’ve loved every customer we’ve gotten from CJ thus far. Home Services Giant

Captivate Customers through Content

Our industry leading solutions and services, coupled with the largest network of influencers, introduce you to a new type of research-driven shopper.

In-Platform Influencer Discovery

Identify content creators who can help you reach your target audience. In partnership with CreatorIQ, CJ brings social reach and engagement metrics in-platform for seamless relationship creation and management.

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Content Certification

Tap into our influencer network of active, pre-vetted, high-quality influencers for immediate scale.

VIP Campaign Management

Let our team of experts develop and implement your influencer strategy from partnering with content creators and securing premium placements, to providing comprehensive reporting and analytics.

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I've been a blogger for over 13 years now, and I have worked with hundreds of brands over the years. CJ is one of the most friendly platforms I've used, not only because the platform is neatly organised in a dashboard, but also because the team behind the campaigns has always been helpful, informed, and prompt with communication. It's nice to be able to grab links and track metrics myself, which encourages me to work harder for the brands! Kath Younger, Content Creator and Owner of @KathEatsRealFood

Compliance at Our Core

Your brand integrity has been our top priority since we opened our doors in 1998. Sophisticated tech and industry expertise that gives you peace of mind.

Network Quality Assurance

Sophisticated monitoring leveraging best-in class technology, proprietary data science solutions, and expertise to prevent, detect, and address fraud and other non-compliant activity so you can focus on valuable performance.

Pre-Payment Validation

We proactively review each and every publisher for compliance prior to their first payment to protect your investment from fraud and prohibited promotional methods.

Program Compliance Services

We offer specialised protection to monitor and enforce your brand’s program policies. Our professional team combines compliance technology, data science insights, and expert auditing to quickly find and resolve issues. Our Compliance Dashboard gives you real-time visibility into violation details, resolution status, and compliance insights.

Service Options for Everyone

Whether you elect to run your own program from top to bottom, work with an agency partner, or are looking for custom white-glove strategy, recruitment, and execution - we’ve got you covered. All clients gain access to these core offerings:

All-Inclusive Platform

Access our easy-to-use platform including actionable insights, rich resources, best practices, and documentation that makes it simple for you to focus on what matters most: growth. 

Partner Discovery & Management

Manage all of your partnerships in one place. Create new connections with our in-platform, on-demand partnership discovery and relationship development tools. Feeling social? Grow your partnerships further at our exclusive in-person networking events.

On-Demand Expertise

Our knowledgeable support team is available to answer any questions you may have. Looking for more? We also offer ongoing, proactive training sessions lead by industry experts and thought leadership to stay informed on current trends. 

Resources & Education

Regularly offered training and resources to keep you up to date on new platform enhancements, strategies, best practices, and industry intel to make sure you get the most out of your program.

Our Expertise = Your Success

Wherever you are in your affiliate growth journey, get set up for long-term success with the winning combination of innovative tech, sophisticated and actionable data, and industry pros with deep vertical expertise.


Acquire new shoppers and create brand loyalty through omni-channel experiences. Benchmark affiliate performance against other marketing channels on KPIs such as new-to-file rates, lifetime value, and offline purchase behaviour to strategically invest in publishers to meet specific acquisition and retention goals.


Cutting-edge data solutions allow you to understand your market share, benchmarked against your competition, with strategy recommendations to create customer loyalty and acquire share of wallet. Our verticalised integration package captures real-time value indicators at the point of booking and applies them to consumed bookings, delivering partner value-alignment and margin management.


Drive acquisition for your brand while leveraging industry-leading technology, expertise, and world-class service with a focus on global financial regulations. Our proprietary technology programmatically detects publisher compliance issues for rapid resolution. Leverage strategic analytics on KPIs such as application to approval rates and lifetime value, complete with competitive benchmarking to help you understand the true impact of your partnership investments.

Technology & Services

Acquire new customers for your brand with flexible publisher compensation at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Leverage strategic analytics on KPIs such as lead quality and conversion rates at each lifecycle milestone, such as application to activation rates, lifetime value, and competitive benchmarking. This ensures you maximise your partnership investments.

Ready to drive more sales and reward world-class publishers for successfully promoting your products/services?