Case Studies

Major Service Provider Increases Return & Efficiency with CJ's Affiliate Customer Journey Reporting

A global home and business services brand leveraged CJ’s Affiliate Customer Journey reporting to diversify media partners which resulted in increased ROAS and growth in new customer contracts.


Results at a Glance (Q3 YOY)

  • 60% increase in new customer contracts
  • 5% reduction in cost per new customer contract acquisition


  • The advertiser, a tenured affiliate partner, has a successful history of continually outperforming competitors in the telecommunications category.
  • The CJ account team looked to optimise return on ad spend (ROAS) with current media partners and recommended a shift in investment based on Affiliate Customer Journey data to incorporate publishers who drove initial customer influence.


  • Leveraging CJ’s Affiliate Customer Journey reporting suite, the CJ team analysed customer journeys across the advertiser’s program and identified a group of publishers whose influence in converting customers was not known via the standard affiliate last-click model.
  • The CJ account team proposed investing with additional key partners who influenced the beginning of the customer journey, the point of research and consideration, as a well as with program converters.
  • The CJ account team recommended adding 7+ NEW media partners who had shown pivotal influence early in the customer journey.
  • After analysing results, the strategy benefited all publishers who participated in a multi-touch journey which resulted in increased program conversion and increased ROAS.