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Specialty Retailer Increases NTF Customers & Revenue, Maintain ROAS

A woman's specialty retailer increases new-to-file (NTF) customers—and revenue—while maintaining return on ad spend (ROAS), by tracking and analyzing customer behavior with CJ's Affiliate Customer Insights.

Results at a Glance:
Scenario: Driving New Growth for Established Brand

As an industry leader in the specialty retail space for nearly three decades, it became increasingly difficult to find and acquire new customers. Although the retailer's affiliate program was effective at driving new customers, the retailer wasn't able to easily identify which publishers were the most effective.

Goals: Increase NTF while Maintaining ROAS

The retailer looked to increase revenue by strategically selecting publishers that would drive a larger percentage of NTF customers, while maintaining their ROAS.

Solution: Affiliate Customer Insights

By leveraging CJ's Affiliate Customer Insights the retailer was finally able to see the mix of new and existing customers for each publisher they worked with. Using this information, the retailer could easily identify publishers with the highest NTF rates. They then optimized for even higher NTF rates by booking seasonal campaigns and focused media placements. CJ strategically increased default commission rates, opened recruitment of new content publishers for added scale, and customized communication and offers for each content publisher.

Next, CJ identified publishers with the highest repurchase volume and optimized each for increased AOV and repurchase via offer-targeted promotions. In addition, CJ helped the retailer increase media exposure and use more efficient commission rates to ensure that the retailer's ROAS goals were met.

Results: Stellar

After working with CJ, the retailer experienced increased revenue via strategic publisher recruitment as well as growth in new-customer acquisition while maintaining their ROAS. Consequent to the strategy executed, the results exceeded the retailer's expectations:

  • 12% increase in overall revenue
  • 10% increase in incremental revenue from new publishers
  • 5 percentage point increase on NTF rate for targeted publishers
  • $8 ROAS maintained with $200k+ media spend
Affiliate Customer Insights

CJ Affiliate's game-changing solution, Affiliate Customer Insights, integrates an advertiser's data with Conversant's industry-leading matching technology providing unprecedented insight into online and offline shopper behavior at the publisher level.
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