CJ Mobilized Solution

Our Mobilized solution provides a comprehensive suite of tools that provide transparency within the CJ Network, superior tracking solutions for all mobile environments, and insights to gain a better understanding of your progress and ways to optimize.






What is Mobilized?

CJ's Mobilized Solution provides advertisers and publishers one global environment to test, optimize and expand their marketing reach within mobile. Leveraging the expansive distribution of the CJ Network, we can provide increased engagement with new and existing consumers, quick identification of the right mobile certified partners for your needs, and measurement tools to gauge the success of your campaigns. Mobilized also includes the ability to track and report app installations and in-app activity within your mobile app. The end result is a unified affiliate solution within a single platform, making it easy to extend your mobile marketing strategies into affiliate.

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Tracking iconTRACKING

Complete mobile web and app tracking

We provide a complete tracking solution that allows you to track within a mobile web and app environment. Leveraging our core technology, our clients can globally track smartphone or tablet transactions and provide more opportunities for personal engagement with Pay Per Call. Extending our tracking capabilities, App Engagement provides our clients the opportunity to increase app installations and in-app transactions by utilizing our tracking, distribution, and reach.

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Transparency iconTRANSPARENCY

Mobile certified and optimized links

We provide the complete transparency needed to find the right partnerships in both mobile and app environments throughout our global network. Once partnerships are established, our clients can easily identify mobile certified partners within our Account Manager. To request certification, mobile advertisers can submit a request through the "Ask A Question" area in the Support Center.

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Screenshot of CJ Account Manager

Insights iconINSIGHTS

Mobile data at your fingertips

Driven by data, CJ brings the information and global insights needed to make the right decisions for continued mobile growth. Providing information like OS, device, manufacturer, tablet, PC, Smartphone, AOV, clicks, sales, campaign success, and customer action taken empowers our clients to optimize efficiently for a higher return.