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At CJ Affiliate by Conversant, we do things differently. We not only operate the most highly regarded affiliate marketing network in the world, we also deliver a wide range of pay for performance-based advertising opportunities to help companies drive growth. As a result, retailers on the Internet Retailer Top 500 list are 2X more likely to choose CJ over any other affiliate marketing provider. In fact, Internet Retailer recently ranked CJ as the No. 1 affiliate marketing provider “by a long shot” in the 2013 edition of their Leading Vendors To The Top 1000 E-Retailers ranking.


  • Our affiliate marketing experts deliver account setup and launch support, as well as a range of ongoing affiliate management services designed to reduce an advertiser’s workload and maximize results.CJ is structured to deliver a...

  • Providing advertisers with a platform to create the best affiliate programs in the world while ensuring brand protection is our priority. Our Network Quality team uses industry leading technology and hands-on experience to...

  • Our proprietary platform delivers reliable, real-time conversion tracking, actionable reporting, publisher payment processing and much more. With the most flexible and feature-rich user interface in the industry at your...

  • Network effects are real when it comes to online reach. As the leader in affiliate marketing, we have developed the largest, most diverse and productive network of the best affiliates in the world. What does that mean for...


  • Advertiser Toolbox

    With the most flexible and feature-rich user interface in the industry at your fingertips, advertisers can streamline day-to-day program management activities, help publishers create more dynamic website content to drive higher conversions and enjoy transaction monitoring in real time to optimize publisher partnerships.
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  • ViewThrough Tracking

    Our ViewThrough tracking functionality allows advertisers to commission publishers on sales they influence by leveraging CJ's core tracking technology and reporting suite.
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  • Pay per Call

    Our Pay Per Call solutions help advertisers connect with prospective customers on the phone where more complex product or service options can be discussed. Publishers promote your products and services on a pay for performance-basis through a large variety of distribution channels via unique, trackable, toll-free numbers.
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  • Site to Store

    Take advantage of affiliate marketing to help generate more in-store sales with our ability to track and reward publishers for offline sales.
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  • Pay for Performance

    Affiliate marketing is based largely on Cost Per Action (CPA), a performance-based pricing model, where advertisers only pay when a specified action has been completed (e.g. a purchase, form submission, hotel booking, printed coupon, app download). That’s why affiliate marketing can achieve such a high ROI – a low risk, high value pricing model at its core.
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  • Lead Generation

    Our lead-generation solutions help advertisers reach and connect with new customers. We focus on lead quality and work with advertisers to extend their audience reach by connecting them with effective, performance-based, lead generation opportunities that are incremental to their affiliate marketing programs with CJ.
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Since our start in 1998, we've led the growth of affiliate marketing from a small media channel to an essential part of the marketing mix for some of the world's top brands. We've heard loud and clear from our customers that they want to find even more ways to reach and engage new and existing buyers in the same measurable way. That's why we have developed new pay for performance-based marketing opportunities to help advertisers increase audience reach, acquire new customers, sell more to existing buyers, and improve the return on their ad spend.


Cross-Device Solution

CJ’s Cross-Device solution allows advertisers and publishers to recognize growth and efficiency by identifying partnerships that engage their target audiences, unlocking and uncovering performance occurring in multi-device customer journeys.
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App Engagement

Extending our tracking capabilities, App Engagement provides our clients the opportunity to increase app installations and in-app transactions by utilizing our tracking, distribution, and reach.
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Content Solution

Our content solution combines content innovations and services that make it easier for advertisers to connect with best in class content publishers.
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Placements Marketplace

The Placements Marketplace provides publishers a user-friendly tool to post and promote inventory, while advertisers easily discover new placement opportunities, as well as review, purchase, and track results—all in one spot.
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Affiliate Customer Insights

Customer and Publisher performance data completely new to the Affiliate Channel.
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Global Solution

As a global platform designed to manage and report activity in multiple languages and currencies, CJ offers tools and services to extend your brand to consumers worldwide.
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Affiliate Management Service Levels

CJ Affiliate offers advertisers a variety of service levels to fit the unique needs of your business. Simply provide us a few details about your business, and we will be in touch about which services make the most sense for you.

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