Success Story

Soma Implements Influencer Campaigns to Increase Traffic & New Customer Rate

Mar 7, 2019

Women’s intimate apparel retailer Soma, increases traffic and new customer rate after working with CJ Affiliate to provide strategic support and leverage influencers.



At a Glance

In a single quarter, two influencer campaigns drove:

  • 28% of total affiliate program traffic.
  • 60% of revenue from new customers.


The Story
  • Soma implemented a new customer* strategy in an effort to achieve annual growth goals.
  • Their CJ account team recommended supporting the new strategy through an influencer campaign.
  • This was the first influencer marketing campaign through the affiliate program, and their CJ account team recommended strategic campaigns with two CJ Publishers: ShopStyle and rewardStyle.
  • Soma’s goal was to receive positive customer engagement, grow website traffic YOY, and grow daily average of their new customer (NTF) rate.


The Results

In a single quarter, two influencer campaigns exceeded expectations by driving:

  • 28% of total program website traffic.
  • 60% of revenue (of overall campaign) was generated from new customers.
  • Tremendous positive customer engagement:

“Thanks for the link, I ordered 2!”

“I’m convinced…ordering those undies NOW!”

“I will look for it next time I’m in-store.”

“I needed some new pajamas and was going to go elsewhere, but I saw your post and went to Soma instead.”


*New customer is identified as a customer that has not shopped the brand in 12+ months.


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