CJ Affiliate Announces Global Launch of Cross-Device Tracking

New solution provides affiliate marketers transparency into cross-device consumer journeys

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 24, 2017—CJ Affiliate by ConversantTM today announced the global launch of its Cross-Device solution, a best-in-class offering for identifying and understanding consumer transactions that occur across multiple devices.

The solution, available network-wide today, is the latest offering from CJ Affiliate designed to empower clients to evaluate and optimize affiliate relationships for continued performance and growth.

“Cross-device tracking is becoming a fundamental need in the affiliate space, and we’re excited to bring the capability to our network,” said Waleed Al-Atraqchi, president of CJ Affiliate.  “With added visibility on key drivers of customer purchase behavior, our clients can leverage media partners to reach multi-device shoppers on a deeper level than was previously available in the industry. These insights are key to making each customer interaction meaningful, which creates growth in the affiliate channel and helps identify new or emerging partnerships.”

CJ Affiliate’s integration with Conversant and Epsilon allows Cross-Device to recognize and reach an estimated 10 times more individuals than any other affiliate provider. CJ Affiliate leverages anonymous first-party data and third-party data to create a persistent customer ID, allowing advertisers to connect with real people at key moments along the customer journey.

The Cross-Device solution enables advertisers and publishers to identify partnerships that best engage their target audiences, thereby achieving growth and efficiency in their affiliate programs. Through these partnerships, brands can better understand what customers want during the path to purchase and align their advertising with customer behavior as they move across multiple devices.

“Our Cross-Device solution provides affiliate marketers with greater scale, accuracy and insight than any other offering currently available, and it’s a solution that benefits everyone in the consumer journey— customers, advertisers and publishers,” said Al-Atraqchi.

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